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Nutrition, Emotions & Soul

Meet Natalia Boffi

Health and emotional coach, future Holden Qi Gong Teacher

🌿💫 Transforming Lives with Love and Consciousness 💫🌿

Hello! I am Natalia, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a certified HoldenQi Gong teacher. My passion is to guide people towards a full life, helping them overcome their personal and professional limitations so that they can enjoy their dreams to the fullest.

I firmly believe in the power of listening and empathy. I don't judge, I simply accompany and help see the positive side of each situation. I understand that our experiences and beliefs may limit us to a few options, but I am here to open up a range of possibilities and help you perceive the world more broadly.

Together, we will explore new ways of thinking and feeling, freeing ourselves from the shackles of the past and creating a future full of possibilities. I invite you to join this journey of self-discovery and transformation!

✉️ Contact me to start your own path to fulfillment.

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Conoce a Natalia
Por que una terapia altenativa

What is an alternative therapy?

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Not only through nutrition can you solve your digestive concerns, but also through the management of emotions and Reiki.


A balanced diet, also emotional and energetic balance helps you to go out of the chronic tiredness present in our current lifestyle.


Thanks to detox, the organs rest and revitalise themselves, re-boost them well as our vitality.

Special for women

Alternative therapies can accompany all stages of the woman from the first menstruation, maternity, lactation and fullness of age.


It should not be only related to food, emotions and energy are also very important to be considered.


The lifestyle of our daily day confront us with stressful situations that can be better managed with alternative therapies.



" I was on the edge when I found Natalia. Exhausted from a toxic relationship, swamped in my job, I’ve been in trouble with health issues due to this stress. 

I couldn’t find any of my own resources to help myself out of the whirl. The medecin gave me antidepressants, but I wasn’t depressed, I was hurt, lost and exhausted. My body and soul were refusing these medications; instead of taking them I worked with Natalia. She helped me to understand that I needed time for myself, to recover, to grief and to analyze what really happened, why this all happened. Not with a normal psychotherapies, but with her method. I discovered my proper boundaries and found out how to protect them. Thanks to her treatments and our discussions I toke great care of myself and got my confidence and love for my self and for the whole world back. 

Natalia’s approach is gentle and firm at the same time, her knowledge, her outstanding skills of analyzing the situation combined with her kindness and generosity make of her a great therapist I’d recommend to all people I love. I’d even recommend consulting her to prevent such traumatism; as this knowledge could avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. 

I’m very well today and I am grateful and happy about. Thank you Natalia for all your care. "

— Ilka.

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