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A farm to table program

Hello dear community,

Since July 2021 I have been working as a farm ambassador for a collective of organic farms on the west coast of the USA, to encourage people to join the FULL CIRCLE farm to table program.

I started as a client of the program, because when I arrived in USA, one of the things that was most difficult for me to get was fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables. At the grocery stores they have been there for at least 1 week if not more, depending on the food. Farmers' markets are really expensive, and the truth is that when the weather isn't good (and that's 90% of the time in Seattle) I hardly wanted to go.

What captivated me about the program?

Having the possibility of receiving local, organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables at my doorstep, in a maximum time of 72 hours, from the farm to my doorstep. Better than that, I have to move on to growing my own food (which is something in my to do list in the not too distant future).

Another great point in favor of the program is its flexibility, being a network of organic farms (CSA, Community Supported Agriculture) I can customize what I will receive in each delivery and also cancel deliveries if I do not need fresh produce, without any type of penalty, I can even donate the box that I don't want to receive at home.

I appreciate Full Circle's transparent food system, because they let me know about each food how it was grown/raised and by whom.

I loved being able to get actively involved in protecting the environment and organic farmers, who with their activity in a non-intensive traditional way regenerate our soils, therefore protect our environment and on the other hand protect them so that they have the same rights as the people who work in the city, which is not usually the common denominator in the sector.

I share with them the mission of changing the food system by providing a healthy and fresh alternative to industrial foods. Large-scale agriculture often uses pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification, and employs risky monoculture practices. Fresh and organic products taste better, are full of nutrients and preserve our soil, our water and the entire ecosystem. That's why Full Circle fills each box with real, genuine food.

When I was looking for a job to improve my English and this possibility of being an organic "farm ambassador" showed up, I didn't hesitate for a minute... although it forced me to get completely out of my comfort zone, why? because I should do door to door, no matter the weather.

I will not deny that the first months were hard, especially because I felt very limited by the language, today, 6 months after my debut, I am fascinated with what I do, because it is another way of coaching, each house is a different experience , and I have learned/enriched a lot from this experience.

What motivates me?

Give more people the opportunity to learn about this service and allow them in a flexible and accessible way to receive real food with high nutritional density at the door of their homes and thus help them reduce the consumption of processed foods that are so harmful to health and ecosystems.

On the other hand, a fact that stuck with me from the training is that 70% of the income from organic farms comes from programs such as FULL CIRCLE and 30% from farmers markets, with which my role as ambassador of farms has a major impact on farms.

Do you live in Washington or Oregon and would you be interested in trying the program or work with us?

If the answer is YES, go to FULL CIRCLE sign up and use the promotional code farmer10nbo, which will allow you to get $10 off your first Sprout box.

If the answer is NO, I advise you to investigate on the internet if there is a group of organic farms in your neighborhood/region that do some type of similar service in your area.

It is also very beneficial if you have the time and like to grow your own food, there are many community gardens, where you can have a space to grow if you don't have it at home.

If you're interested to work with us, please send me a message to and I'll connect you with HR.



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