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We are energy

Dear community, I wanted to share some lines regarding BEING energy.

Since I was a child I always felt that between people and things there was a connection beyond the physical on an energetic level...

I began to name it and understand it better when I decided to develop my passion for alternative therapies where I confirmed that absolutely EVERYTHING is energy... So , to explain better, you can visualize it in a very simple way, what is the smallest part of anything animate or inanimate? is the atom, and this is composed of electrons, protons and neutrons, which are: energy.

Food is energy, that's why the importance of eating real, high-frequency, and living foods, processed foods are very low-frequency and dead, with no energy.

Our body is also the container of our energetic BEING, that is why it is so important to exercise our body to allow that energy to circulate correctly and not get blocked somewhere, particularly the joints... That is why I have always been attracted to activities like Yoga, Tai Qi, Reiki and recently I got closer to QiGong, with a wonderful teacher Lee Holden whom I met thanks to my friend Denise, who invited me to do a 5 day challenge of 20 min, every day with Lee. We also share health coaching sessions with Denise and learn a lot together and both agree that Lee's classes are full of valuable information for the homeostasis of our physical body, mind and spirit.

Qi Gong is simple, easy to learn, and can be practiced by everyone, at any age and fitness level. Just as acupuncture does with needles, QiGong does through movement, breath, and visualizations.

Even just a few minutes a day can quickly add up to noticeable changes in stress, mood, and energy levels. If you want to try it, there is a 30-day challenge with Lee of only 7 min. per day to discover if this practice is what your body is needing to reconnect with the energy of our BEING and all the space surrounding us, it is an incredible and perceptible experience from the first class, no matter the duration of time of the class you choose.

Becoming aware that we are more than a physical body makes us stronger on a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level. We learn to interact through energy with everything that surrounds us.

Do not believe what I tell you, have your own experience and then tell me how it is!



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